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We can't be certain, but the evidence is very convincing

Kate Welsh
June 13, 2017

Ella Yelich-O'Connor, better known as Lorde, may be the mastermind behind an onion ring review Instagram called @onionringsworldwide. The account's purpose? "Every onion ring I encounter, rated." A noble goal, to be sure. The account was abruptly deleted after NewsHub, a website based in Lorde's native New Zealand, broke the story. According to the good people at NewsHub, they were tipped off to the account's existence by a 17-year-old "big fan" of the singer, who noticed that Lorde had recently followed the account. She was one of only 24 followers when @onionringsworldwide was deleted. Only four photos had been posted.

NewsHub and the tipster provided an extremely thorough case to prove that @onionringsworldwide belonged to the Grammy Award-winning artist. The other 23 followers were members of Lorde's inner circle, like her assistant, Siobhan "Eyeriss" Carter, and her makeup artist, Amber Dreardon. Clearly an inside joke of sorts, the account hadn't followed anyone else. "This was an account run by someone who was not seeking attention," NewsHub wrote. "Perhaps by someone who has an overwhelmingly popular personal page, just putting it out there." They proceeded to make their case with a stack of evidence that wouldn't have looked out of place in a federal court room. 

In addition to the significant followers, NewsHub noticed that the locations of the reviewed onion rings coincided with where Lorde was at the time, the language was consistent with Lorde's style (including spelling flavor "flavour"), and that the fingers included in some of photos boasted the short, un-polished nails that Lorde typically has. 

Photo From Newshub

It's a truly convincing journalistic effort.

Oh, and because you're definitely curious: The account's owner rated a tempura onion ring she ate flying from Tennessee to New York as the best, earning a solid 4.5/5 rating. The worst? Burger King's onion rings, which had "a distinct bitterness." You can read the full account, complete with screenshots, here

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