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The “next food revolution” or gag-inducing ploy?

Tim Nelson
January 04, 2018

For new inspiring chefs, cooking can be daunting. Between assembling the necessary ingredients for a recipe and figuring out exactly what the hell various kitchen implements do, the learning curve can feel steep. Luckily, “Riva Goodfree” has devised a safe, simple way to cook. There’s only one catch: it’s disgusting.

In a recent YouTube clip simply dubbed “Cooking With Your Mouth | Christmas Turkey,” Goodfree (real name: Iska Lupton) walks viewers through the process of preparing the stuffing for a holiday meal with nothing more than the inside of one’s mouth. Teeth turn into knives for chopping and dicing vegetables, which are then spit back into the bowl. “I do love cooking,” she says, forcing a smile and fighting back tears moments after chomping on an onion. 

Things only get more repulsive from there. In addition to dicing herbs and vegetables, Goodfree’s mouth is also used to zest a lemon, soften butter, and—most horrifyingly of all—whisk an egg. It all looks normal enough once the turkey (thankfully not carved with teeth) comes out of the oven, but this is one recipe that shouldn’t be shared with dinner party guests. 

Based on the overall tone of the video and the tongue in cheek (natch) comments its creator provided to Munchies, the whole thing reads as more of a modern art piece than an earnest attempt to revolutionize cooking. Allegedly inspired by his own fear of kitchen injuries, Australian artist Nathan Ceddia wanted to dispense with “fancy gadgets” in favor of decidedly more primitive methods that he sees as “a way of channeling my inner caveman.”

If you’re stomach’s already turning from this video, take heed: Ceddia claims that this is just the beginning. He’s already filmed another recipe that he plans to release in the next few weeks. He also hopes to introduce this methods to “schools and prisons,” and claims to have reached out to see if he could turn mouth cooking into “the next food revolution.” 

Whether you think it’s revolutionary or just plain revolting, See if you can stomach the nearly six minute video below. Just make sure you’re not currently eating anything.  

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