A restaurant that serves healthy Korean comfort food might not be the first place you'd expect to find avocado fries. After all, avocados aren't exactly synonymous with Korean cuisine. But this playful take on a classic comfort food makes sense at Her Name Is Han, which serves "Korean soul food" in Manhattan's Koreatown. It only makes sense that the team would eventually take their penchant for making fresh, modern versions of authentic Korean food and consider an American classic, too. "Looking at how French fries are considered a traditional comfort food here," Jinah Chang, the restaurant's food and beverage director, explained in an email, "I wanted to create a Korean-style version that can be approached easily." That's how he came up with the idea for avocado fries, currently on the restaurant's brunch menu. According to Chang, "I wanted to offer a fried vegetable as a side dish, just like how French fries always come with burgers." And these fries, crisp on the outside while remaining soft and warm on the inside, are the perfect pairing with the restaurant's signature brunch dish: a tray of high-quality hamburger steak with gravy and a quail egg on top.The key to making this avocado fries recipe work is to use ripe avocados that aren't too soft. They shouldn't be rock hard, but they also shouldn't turn into mush when you cut them open. Coat in panko bread crumbs to make them crispy, fry away, and feel healthy-ish.Crumbled Avocado Fries

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About 16 pieces


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  • Put oil in sauté pan and heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • In three separate bowls combine eggs, panko and flour. Thoroughly beat the eggs.

  • Sprinkle the avocado slices with the salt and lime, to taste.

  • Working 4—5 slices at a time, dredge the avocado in the flour, shaking off the excess.

  • Dip the avocado slices into the egg and use a fork to turn it over to thoroughly coat. Using the same fork, remove the avocado slice from the egg mixture and let the excess egg drip off.

  • Place the avocado slices in the panko and use your fingers to lightly press the avocado into the panko to create an even coating.

  • Drop the avocado slices, 4 to 5 at a time into the hot oil. Cook 3 to 4 minutes, until the avocado slices float and are a lovely golden brown.

  • Remove to a paper towel lined plate and repeat until all the avocado slices are cooked. Serve with spicy ketchup for dipping.