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Total Time
1 Hour 10 Mins
6 servings

This year for Mother's Day, make Mom what she really wants—a beautiful, seasonal dessert that's basically Champagne in a bowl. Unlike some classic gelatin desserts, this one—relying on a high-quality sparkling wine—is quite elegant. You can cut the set gelée into a crosshatch pattern for small cubes that "look like sparkly diamonds in the bowl," the recipe's creator Elisabeth Prueitt says.

Champagne Gelée with Strawberries

Recipe excerpted from Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes for the Home Cook, Lorena Jones Books, $40, copyright 2017, and originally appeared on

How to Make It

Step 1

Pour 1/4 cup Champagne into a small saucepan; sprinkle gelatin evenly over top. (It will become soft and absorb the liquid.) Heat mixture over low, stirring constantly, until gelatin dissolves completely.

Step 2

In a large bowl, combine 6 tablespoons sugar and remaining 2 3/4 cups Champagne. It will foam, but the bubbles will subside after a minute. Stir in gelatin mixture, making sure it is evenly incorporated. Pour into a square or rectangular container so that the liquid is about 1 to 2 inches deep. Cover and chill in refrigerator until set, about 1 hour. The longer it chills, the more set it will become.

Step 3

Shortly before serving, hull and quarter strawberries; toss with remaining 2 teaspoons sugar. Let stand 5 minutes, tossing occasionally to coat strawberries in juices.

Step 4

Once gelée is set, use a knife to cut it into a crosshatch pattern in order to create small cubes. Top gelée cubes with macerated strawberries and serve.

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