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Think Nutella but with Oreos

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

Peanut butter, jelly, cookie butter, Nutella… there are so many sweet spreads to choose from when you’re prepping your morning toast or just sneaking a scoop of something tasty between meals. But for those who have longed for yet another way to eat Oreos for breakfast, a new Oreo cookie spread is here to save the day. The genius behind the Cronut, Dominique Ansel, created the spread which is sure to entice sweet tooths all over SoHo, where his bakery is located. The best part of all? Ansel is giving away his yummy new Oreo spread for free at the Dominique Ansel Bakery this Saturday, June 10. Because it’s an Ansel creation there’s sure to be a long line outside the bakery this weekend, so be sure to show up early if you want the goods!

Ansel made the cookie-infused dark chocolate ganache and milk ganache spread for Oreos’ My Oreo Creation Contest, which allowed consumers to submit new ideas for Oreo flavors, according to Food & Wine. Ansel’s past pastry hits include, of course, the Cronut, as well as a Christmas Morning cereal. Released for Christmas 2016, the cereal is made of puffed rice cereal clusters, caramelized milk chocolate, candied hazelnuts, and miniature meringues. Just this month he started serving cold brew soft serve ice cream.

Oreo has also been pulling out their own breakfast stops lately, gifting the world with a limited edition waffles and syrup flavor, and perhaps most importantly: resurrecting the beloved Oreo O’s cereal earlier this month. Oreos have been going buck wild outside the breakfast arena, too. In March the company came out with Cookies n’ Cream Oreos. Yes, they are Oreos with Oreos in the filling, essentially. Then in May, Nabisco released fireworks Oreos (Oreos with Pop Rock-like candy in the cream filling). The fireworks and waffle flavors were also both contest winners.

Ansel’s yummy-sounding spread is only available as a limited edition treat, so either get to SoHo pronto this weekend or keep an eye on eBay...

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