Illustration by Lauren Kolm

An illustrated Extra Crispy guide to cutting fruit

Lauren Kolm,Maxine Builder
June 07, 2017

We totally understand why you might feel more comfortable buying containers of pre-cut watermelon at the grocery store instead of learning how to cut up a watermelon yourself. After all, watermelons are decidedly unwieldy. They're definitely bigger than the average fruit you might find in the market, and they can be accordingly heavy. Watermelons are also round, which means they can readily roll off your counter if you're not paying attention. And how, exactly, do you go about slicing a round watermelon into bite-size, square pieces? The geometry of that just doesn't seem to make sense. But learning how to cut watermelon is totally worth the hassle—and it's honestly way easier to cut a watermelon at home than you might think. 

After all, it's almost always less expensive to buy a whole watermelon than the pre-cut bites. Plus, freshly cut watermelon will usually taste better than the stuff that's been sitting in the fridge for a week. And all you really need to cut a whole watermelon into bite-size pieces is a knife, a cutting board, a whole watermelon, and a game plan. And though we can't give you all of tools you might need in your kitchen, we here at Extra Crispy can definitely give you a strategy to break down that watermelon.

So follow along with Extra Crispy's illustrated, step-by-step guide to cutting watermelon, and you too can learn how to cut a whole watermelon into bite-sized cubes like a pro. (But don't forget to save the watermelon rind so you can make preserves!)

Illustration by Lauren Kolm

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