Everything you need to know about eggs and fridges

Extra Crispy Staff
May 01, 2017

It’s not always as easy to know how to cook an egg or how long you can keep eggs in the fridge. There’s a few rules of thumb that you have to follow to make sure that you are always eating fresh eggs, even if you’ve already boiled them. When you’re grocery shopping and perusing the egg shelves for cartons that are actually cage-free, you should be checking the eggs for cracks. You don’t want whatever bacteria is hiding in there from the grocery store aisle. 

Once you get home, you have to refrigerate them within 24 hours, and once they are refrigerated they have to stay that way—in case you were wondering how long eggs keep outside of the fridge. Those refrigerated eggs will keep for at least four to five weeks. If you’re a stickler for expiration dates, you can look for the packaged date on the carton and count on a month after that. If you’re really really concerned, fill a vessel with water and gently drop your egg into it. If your egg sinks, you’re gold. If not, throw it out. Eggs are porous, so the older they are the more air they absorb and the more buoyant they become. 

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