photo courtesy of Halo Top Creamery

From the freezer section to the mall

Tim Nelson
November 08, 2017

Halo Top Creamery has taken the ice cream world by storm with its seemingly too-good-to-be-true low-calorie, high-protein take on everyone’s favorite frozen guilty pleasure. After beating out bigger brands like Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s for supermarket sales supremacy earlier this year, the pint purveyors decided to extend their domination by opening up their very own ice cream parlor. 

Halo Top fans in the Los Angeles area can soon pull up to the first-ever Halo Top “Scoop Shop”at the Westfield Topanga Dining Terrace to get their fill of the brand’s dairy, non-dairy and vegan ice cream options. In addition to fan favorites from the frozen food section, Halo Top’s location will offer up brand new low-calorie soft serve options like pistachio and birthday cake. 

That’s not the only thing that’s new, though: Halo Top is going to offer some creative ways to celebrate their newfound freedom from the oppressive constraints of the grocery store pint. The Scoop Shop will feature classic cones like sugar, waffle, and cake alongside the unique and highly Instagrammable “puffle” cone. Ice cream sandwiches (with vegan cookies), and Halo Top tacos will also be on the menu in case you need a different way to hold your non-dairy cinnamon roll or caramel macchiato ice cream. And even those who’d rather stick with spoons can enjoy one, two, or three -scoop sundaes topped with everything from fresh mango to mochi to marshmallow sauce.

Opening day is Wednesday, November 15th. Loyal fans who head out to celebrate the debut will be treated to complimentary soft serve and ice cream from 10am to 9pm. You’ll still have to rely on the grocery store to satisfy those late night low-calorie cravings, but at least now you have one more reason to step outside and enjoy some ice cream during the day.  

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