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The Endless Coffee Mug, for $199, will keep you caffeinated all of 2018

Tim Nelson
November 14, 2017

Were you worried that your runaway coffee spending was getting in the way of owning an iPhone X? Do you need copious amounts of caffeine to maintain a baseline level of human functioning? Are you alright with only drinking coffee from one bakery chain for an entire year? 

If you answered yes to all three of those questions, you’re the ideal candidate for Au Bon Pain’s new Endless Coffee Mug promotion. From not until January 8th, you can buy an ABP-branded coffee mug for $199. This is no ordinary mug, however. You can bring the mug into any of 100+ participating locations across 23 states (plus DC) and fill it up with coffee for free pretty much as often as you want through December 31st, 2018. 

Though the upfront cost might be steep, the Endless Mug seems like a pretty decent deal once you crunch the numbers. Based on a 48-week average and the price of a medium drip coffee from Au Bon Pain, you’re probably saving anywhere from $96.20 to an improbable $785 a year depending on the severity of your habit. If you drink ten coffees a week and are capable of maintaining a monastic devotion to only getting it from Au Bon Pain, your Endless Mug should pay for itself by sometime in March. 

Even if you’re a purist who looks down on Au Bon Pain’s drip offerings, the prospect of drinking free hot caffeinated bean water for almost nine months out of the year seems like too good to pass up. If you want to try before you buy, the bakery chain is hosting “free coffee day” on Wednesday, November 15th, with guests entitled to a free coffee from 2-5 PM. No word yet if the Endless Mug offer will also be redeemable at Panera, but you never know. 

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