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The inventor of the Cronut knows exactly what we want

Rebecca Firkser
May 24, 2017

Dominique Ansel Kitchen’s soft serve window opens for the summer today, and with that comes cold brew ice cream. I’ll pause while everyone in New York puts on their shoes and books it to the West Village. Ansel, the revered mastermind behind the Cronut, will serve the cold brew soft serve with an anise biscotti and cocoa powder-dusted milk foam from now until the end of June. Ever-committed to incorporating the best possible flavors in his sweets, Ansel has created his own blend of La Colombe cold brew for the ice cream, a meticulous two-day process. Unlike some types of cold brew, which can have bitter or sour notes, Ansel has made sure the flavors in his ice cream are nothing but rich and clean tasting. This attention to detail ultimately creates a deeper coffee flavor in the ice cream base—making his version richer than an average scoop of coffee ice cream.

“We take our housemade milk base and infuse the coffee flavor into the milk overnight,” Ansel told Grub Street. “It takes another night to strain it, and then we mix it with our base and let it rest for 12 hours.” After each batch of cold brew soft serve base is ready, it’s frozen in a soft serve machine and served inside thin, crispy tuile waffle cones

After the cold brew’s debut, Ansel will swap in new flavors for the rest of the summer—white peach with salted pistachios and lavender honey in July and dark chocolate-olive oil with fig agrodolce (a sweet and sour sauce) and sea salt in August. The soft serve window will also offer the restaurant’s signature burrata ice cream, a creamy cheese base topped with balsamic vinegar caramel and micro-basil. However if you can’t get the coffee ice cream off your mind, there’s hope: Ansel admitted that he’d consider bringing back the cold brew soft serve in September if there’s demand. We think the odds are with us.

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