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Freezer Reprise is the second ice cream named after the band

Tim Nelson
July 13, 2017

Beginning Friday, July 21, legendary Vermont jam band Phish will begin their “Baker’s Dozen” residency at Madison Square Garden, taking the stage for an unprecedented 13 concerts at the New York venue. While these shows will certainly be sweet for their legion of devoted fans, Ben & Jerry’s will give ice cream acolytes (aka everyone) something to celebrate as well. 

In honor of the occasion, the famous purveyor of frozen pints is launching Freezer Reprise. A play on the title of a song that’s been a staple of Phish setlists since 1991, this ice cream mixes together vanilla glaze, chocolate doughnut swirl, chocolate doughnut pieces, and—of course—fudge fish. Whether you’re the kind of Phish diehard who argues that their 2013 Lake Tahoe performance of “Tweezer” was the pinnacle of human achievement, or you just want an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, this doughnut-infused offering from Ben & Jerry’s is the helping, friendly pint you’re looking for. 

The partnership between these two Burlington, Vermont, institutions goes backwards down the number line a full 20 years to 1997, when the pair teamed up for the release of Phish Food. Since then, royalties from sales of the now-classic flavor have raised more than a million dollars for the WaterWheel Foundation, a Phish-led nonprofit which supports a variety of environmental and social causes in the Green Mountain State and the communities the band passes through on tour. All proceeds from Freezer Reprise will also support WaterWheel, so you can feel good about giving it a try. 

For now, you can only enjoy this limited-edition batch at a tasting event outside Madison Square Garden before the first show on July 21, or at a watch party for the final “Baker’s Dozen” show at the Three Needs Taproom in Burlington on August 6. Hopefully, though, you’ll be able to step into the freezer section of your local grocery store and grab some soon enough.

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