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You know, if a six-year-old fruitcake sounds good to you

Kate Welsh
February 07, 2018

When Prince William married Kate Middleton in April 2011, the world went a little nuts. (I say this as someone who has a commemorative mug from the occasion.) If their wedding is something that's still saved to your Pinterest board, or you're really into contemporary royal history, or you just have a few thousand spare dollars lying around that you'd like to spend on six-year-old fruitcake, you're in luck. Next month, Chiswick Auction House will auction off a slice of Kate and Wills' wedding cake for charity. 

Featuring eight tiers and 900 sugar paste blooms (which represent 17 different kinds of flowers), the cream icing-coated fruitcake took chef Fiona Cairns five weeks to make. At the wedding, the cake was cut into 650 slices and placed in a cream and gold tin with a card to pass out to guests. This is also how it will be presented at the auction. 

This isn't the first time a slice of the most recent royal wedding cake has been auctioned off.  In 2014, Julien's Auction House in California earned $7500 for a slice of the same cake. 

Courtesy of Chiswick Auction House

According to The New Daily, this is also not the first time that a royal wedding cake has gone under the hammer. Julien's Auction House also auctioned off a slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding cake in 2008, which brought in $6000. In 2015, a slice of Queen Elizabeth's wedding cake from 1947 was auctioned off and brought in a comparatively measly £500, which seems pretty impressive for 68-year-old cake. 

This time, it's thought a slice of Kate and Wills' wedding cake will go for something closer to $2000. If you'd like to bid for it yourself, you can get your paddle ready for the auction on September 27th. 

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