Photo by Daniel Williams

Rediscover your roots

Kate Welsh
November 06, 2017

With their jewel-like hue and subtle, sweet flavor, beets tend to steel the show at lunch and dinner, folded into elegant salads, roasts, and pastas. But why should you only see red in the P.M. hours? Beets are just the thing to add to your morning table.

Beets are chameleons: they crisp up into chips just as seamlessly as they are pureed into sauces and dips. And they make everything they touch a show stopper: Usually-boring hard-boiled eggs to ubiquitous granola bars start glowing with the addition of the ruby red root.

For our favorite ways to bring beets onto our breakfast plates, keep on reading. 

Beet-Pickled Eggs


These ruby-red hard-boiled eggs taste as bright as they look, thanks to a bracing vinegar pickling liquid and the perfect amount of black pepper. 

Beet Chips with Turmeric-Yogurt Dip

Photo by Greg Dupree

Did you know you could make super crispy beet chips in the microwave? Neither did we. Crunch.

Roasted Beet Hummus

PHoto by Teresa Sabga

This magenta dip adds a splash of color to any Mediterranean breakfast plate. 

No-Bake Beet Granola Bars

Photo by Teresa Sabga

Sneak some veggies into these chocolately, no-bake granola bars.

Beet Cured Lox

Photo by David Williams

If you have a little patience, curing lox with beets is a breeze. (It just looks super impressive.) 

Beet Hollandaise

Photo by Henry Hargreaves

Your yolk porn game will be unBEETable with a drizzle of this hot pink hollandaise. 

Beet and Carrot Zoodle Quiche

Photo by Teresa Sabga

Get out your spiralizer to add colorful ribbons to a crowd-pleasing quiche.

Beet Yogurt Dip

Photo by Caitlin Bensel

This tangy beet dip is a really good excuse to eat your vegetables.

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