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Three days in, 363 days to go

Kate Welsh
January 03, 2017

So we can all agree: What a year. 2016 was the worst, or a complete mess, or a garbage fire of epic proportions, or at the very, very least, a doozy. From unprecedented political tumult to a string of upsetting celebrity deaths and everything in between, this year made us all hope and pray for better luck next year. (Though, well: That isn't looking great either.) I think we're all eager to wipe the slate clean, and look forward. And one of the best ways to do that is with a brand spanking new calendar. Specifically: a brand spanking new breakfast calendar. 

There are a few things that are still inarguably good in this world: Toast, fresh out of the toaster, and just waiting for butter and jam, for example. Or an egg from your odd but lovely neighbor's backyard. Or a bowl full of fruit, ready for chomping. So in this brave new world of 2017, I suggest you double down on the things that make the world and your mornings just a little bit better, and look for the same things in your daily calendar. Who needs more cute kittens or sprawling vistas plastered with misattributed inspirational quotations, anyway? When you have a calendar on a coffee mug, certainly not you. 

Toaster Desktop Calendar

Toaster Desktop Calendar, Creative Cookie Prints, $18.35,

We Are What We Live Lavazza/Slow Food Calendar

We Are What We Live Lavazza/Slow Food Calendar, Slow Food, 30 Euros,

Backyard Hens Calendar

Backyard Hens Calendar, Azul Home, $25,

Coffee Mug Calendar

Coffee Mug Calendar, YummyPress, $14.95,

Doughnut Printable Calendar

Doughnut Printable calendar, The Little Surprises, free, The Little Surprises blog

Teapot Tea Towel Calendar

Teapot Tea Towel Calendar, Judy Kahooti Design, $18,

I Heart Bacon Calendar

I Heart Bacon Calendar, $5.99,

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