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Enjoy smoking and snacking aplenty

Jim Behrle
April 20, 2017

That whisper of the sun upon waking,
Transitions suddenly to me baking!
Time to get high, eat, put on Cypress Hill.
My stomach growls but my bong's overfilled.
As the world dissolves into a smooth burn
To tastes unknown to humans I do yearn:
Like wasabi on a watermelon:
Hot and wet, a blast from a green squirtgun.
Wolfing down handfuls from a plastic bag
Flavors that make my tongue go all awag:
Lucky Charms mixed with Cool Ranch Doritos
A1 sauce over a bowl of Fritos.
I don't care much that it's Hitler's birthday
My fogged mind and crazy gut sent me astray.

I will combine everything in the fridge
In dollops, topped with sprinkles, and a smidge.
Skittles in mayonnaise, ten kinds of cheese.
I would very much like to get high, please.
And then stuff my face like a maniac
Eat pepperoni, have a heart attack.
I can't tell which one I like doing more:
smoking the stinky or hording some 'smores.
While marijuana expands consciousness
I might still love snacking afterwards best.
Being high is admittedly so great
It comes in second to cleaning my plate.
I wish you all a merry 4/20!
Enjoy smoking and snacking aplenty.

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