Photos by Mary Ladd

There's moringa, coconut, and fookies in your future

Mary Ladd
January 27, 2017

This week’s behemoth Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco served up tastes of 80,000 food products (152 of which contained bacon) including “fookies” (that’s fudgy cookies), boozy coffee, health teas, shrubs, jerkies, pasta chips, and beyond. On my first day, I said yes to "ice cream for breakfast" on offer from a drag queen hawking Humphry Slocombe’s new flavor, Blueberry Boy Bait, and just kept sampling from there. This annual gathering organized by the Specialty Food Association exhibits offerings from traditional European outfits (kilos of salumi, oils, and a giant tower of cheese), while also highlighting newer fare: a rich snack cake that tastes exactly like Nilla wafers (Christopher’s Bakery), flour made from mango seeds and peels (Magic Melt) and a five-egg-white drink (Eggurt). As for trends you might expect to see hit shelves in the near future, there was a solid showing of cultured foods, moringa, dirty chai, beets, coconut and Hatch chile everything. 

Here are some of Extra Crispy's favorites from the Winter Fancy Food Show:

Eggurt cultured egg white drink

Like the kefir drinks we enjoyed last century, this surprisingly pleasing cultured egg white drink has tanginess and packs a protein punch via five egg whites. Rocky Balboa would feel right at home.

Southern Culture candied bacon rub

Place these easy-to-use mixes with your bacon of choice in a Ziploc bag. Shake. Cook. Eat. 

Jittery John's Brazil nut milk in cold brew coffee with TCHO chocolate

I sampled smooth and creamy caffeinated offerings from a company that buys coffee beans from women growers and found that milk from Brazil nuts does not sacrifice flavor.

Tipus chai

This chai is made per the recipe of an Indian grandmother named Kashi Patel. Toughest question here: take the dirty version or green tea?


Cookies plus fudge equals fookies. 

Hajo Coffee

These coffee beans—from Ethiopia and Kenya and roasted in Silicon Valley—are infused with Cabernet, Pinot Noir, or whisky.

Kuli Kuli moringa shots

Moringa is being touted as the new kale and it’s rich in iron, calcium, and antioxidants. Sipping green shots from this start-up led former Peace Corps worker Lisa Curtis supports women-owned cooperatives in West Africa while opening your palate a product that is newish to the Western world.

Epicurean butter

Pastries and French toast practically beg for the rich chocolate butter from this 12-year old company. The garlic version one-ups your current toast or egg game.

Califia ginger turmeric almond drink & whole coconut smoothie

Turmeric may have peaked as a show trend in the past few years, but its staying power shows up in the soy-free and dairy-free bottled version here. The addition of the whole coconut smoothie proves that consumers are increasingly interested in non-dairy options that include the fruits of the trendy Cocos nucifera tree in any form.

Little Bird Kitchen jalapeno simple syrup

Spiking breakfast drinks and pancakes is a cinch with Little Bird Kitchen’s balanced jalapeno simple syrup. It packs a  kick without bringing tears or scratchy throats.

Numi guayusa tea

The new holistic line includes a tea with guayusa (gwhy-you-sa), which comes from the holly tree and contains a steep amount of antioxidants with a rounded, yet not too overbearing mouthfeel. In teas, guayusa has a history spanning thousands of years and is a common first early morning cup in areas of the Amazon and Ecuador.

Regrained granola

Beer hops and stout notes bring a sweetness, heft and surprise to breakfast-meets-snack granola. Brown butter shortbread and chocolate are brilliant additions.


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