February 24, 2012


The Oscars are upon us and there are tons of glamorous 

The Artist

This French film celebrates the classic days of filmmaking. Black and white. Silent. 4:3 aspect ration. Celebrate with a classic French drink: the 

The Descendants

Whether you love this movie for beautiful Hawaii or beautiful George Clooney, celebrate with a 

The Help

What is more southern than a mint julep or iced sweet tea? A 

Midnight in Paris

Transport your guests to Paris in the 1920s with an authentic 


You could buy a six-pack and create a sports bar atmosphere, but beer can be classy, too. Make a 


If a guest has one too many cocktails and crashes on your couch, continue the Oscar celebration in the morning with—no, not another cocktail—café au lait and stolen croissants a la Hugo.   

What movie will you raise a glass to? Tell us your Oscar predictions. 

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