Time-Saving Bread Machine Recipes

Whether you use your bread machine to bake fresh loaves or simply to knead the dough, the machine makes homemade bread making a snap.

  • Orange Bubble Bread

    Orange Bubble Bread

    Let a bread machine do your mixing for you. When the cycle is complete, simply knead for 30 seconds then start shaping this sweet-and-tart breakfast bread. Divide the loaf into 24 pieces, then dip each ball in butter then roll in sugar and orange rind. A bright drizzle of powdered sugar and orange juice finishes the bread. Recipe:Orange Bubble Bread
  • Asiago-Pepper Bread

    Asiago-Pepper Bread

    Use our recipe and your bread maker's instructions to make this peppery cheese bread, ideal for serving as a side to an Italian feast. Follow our users' suggestions and try variations with Parmesan or fontina cheeses. Recipe:Asiago-Pepper Bread
  • Smoked-Salmon Pizza with Mascarpone and Capers

    Smoked-Salmon Pizza with Mascarpone and Capers

    Making homemade pizza dough is a breeze when you have a bread machine to do the kneading for you. Remove the bread from the machine before it bakes and shape it into six personal-pie sized pieces. You'll never use dough from a can again. Recipe:Smoked-Salmon Pizza with Mascarpone and Capers
  • Ham-and-Swiss Stromboli

    Ham-and-Swiss Stromboli

    Create an elegant appetizer by taking dough kneaded in a bread maker and adding Swiss cheese, chopped ham, and dry mustard to the center. Brush with an egg before baking to give the loaf a golden hue.Recipe:Ham-and-Swiss Stomboli
  • Red Pepper-Cheese Bread

    Red Pepper-Cheese Bread

    Shortcut traditional bread recipes following our bread machine variation, found at the bottom of the recipe page. You'll save time mixing and kneading and can instead get the rest of the ingredients for your sandwich together.Recipe:Red Pepper-Cheese Bread

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