Savor Flavor With Homemade Jams and Pickles

Capture the bounty of summer in these quick jams and pickles. They're so easy, you can try one every weekend.

  • Fig-Blackberry-Orange Jam
    Scott Peterson

    Fig-Blackberry-Orange Jam

    We love to stir this intensely fruity jam into plain yogurt, so we usually take it off the heat when the mixture is still a bit runny. Cook longer for a thicker consistency.
  • Sweet and Sour Cucumber and Red Onion Pickles
    Annabelle Breakey

    Sweet and Sour Cucumber and Red Onion Pickles

    We riffed off classic bread-and-butter pickles, adding the unexpected tastes of lemongrass and coriander.
  • <p>Quick Pickled Peaches</p>

    Quick Pickled Peaches

    These gorgeously spiced, tangy-sweet peaches make a fantastic addition to a summer relish tray, or serve them on pound cake or alongside grilled pork or chicken.
  • Strawberry Raspberry Jam
    Annabelle Breakey

    Strawberry Raspberry Jam

    Did you know that 25 minutes is all it takes to make delicious jam? What are you waiting for?
  • Spicy Pickled Beans
    Photo: Jan Smith

    Spicy Pickled Beans

    Keep these crunchy, sweet-sour-spicy beans on hand for snacking, set them out on a relish tray at a cocktail party, or use in place of celery for bloody Marys.
  • Pickled Watermelon Rind
    Photo: John Kernick

    Pickled Watermelon Rind

    Make summer last forever with this delicious year-round treat.
  • <p>Strawberry-Riesling Jam</p>
    Photo: Randy Mayor, Food Styling: Blakeslee Wright Giles, Prop Styling: Lindsey Lower

    Strawberry-Riesling Jam

    This slow-cooker jam, infused with riesling wine and rosemary, is just as tasty on its own as it is slathered on biscuits with breakfast.
  • Pickled Jicama, Ginger, and Summer Peppers
    Annabelle Breakey

    Pickled Jicama, Ginger, and Summer Peppers

    A great use for the sweet peppers piled up at the farmers' market during late summer--all of them work in this juicy, tart pickle.
  • Spicy, Crunchy Pickled Green Beans with Lemon
    Annabelle Breakey

    Spicy, Crunchy Pickled Green Beans with Lemon

    You need less than an hour to put up this crunchy veggie. Spice lovers, be warned; this dish gets hotter over time.
  • Mustard and Ginger Pickled Carrots
    Annabelle Breakey

    Mustard and Ginger Pickled Carrots

    San Francisco Bay Area chef and cookbook author Joanne Weir gave us this tender-crisp pickle. It's good served with raw vegetables alongside dips at a party.
  • Mixed-Berry Jam
    Photo: © Frances Janisch

    Mixed-Berry Jam

    Four ingredients and a little time are all you need to enjoy fresh flavor every month of the year.
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