Happy Birthday, George!

We cannot tell a lie–these 5-star cherry dessert recipes taste as good as they look.

  • All-American Celebration
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    All-American Celebration

    In the 1730s, it's rumored that the great father of our country, George Washington, couldn't lie to his father and admitted chopping down the family's cherished cherry tree. What better way to celebrate Washington's birthday on February 22 than to indulge in a few delectable desserts (such as Cherry-Almond Cake, left) made from the felled fruit. It may be lost to history whether Washington actually chopped down that tree, but it's no lie that these cherry recipes are guaranteed to please.

    Recipe: Cherry-Almond Cake

  • Cranberry-Cherry Crumble
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    Cranberry-Cherry Crumble

    A scoop of vanilla ice cream is all you need to round out the rich filling of this fruit-stuffed cobbler. The crumbly topping, flavored with brown sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon, crisps as it bakes and is sure to fill the house with that wonderful "made from scratch" aroma.

    Recipe: Cranberry-Cherry Crumble

  • Cherry-Apricot Turnovers
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    Cherry-Apricot Turnovers

    Delicate phyllo dough, layered with brown sugar and bread crumbs, envelopes the sweet mixture of dried cherries and apricots. Make in large batches for a simple pick-up-and-eat dessert at your next dinner party.

    Recipe: Cherry-Apricot Turnovers

  • Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake

    Online reviewers raved about the rich and creamy flavor of this lightened cheesecake. Tart cherries adorn the dense cream cheese and chocolate filling, while a crunchy chocolate graham cracker crust forms the tasty base.

    Recipe: Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake

  • Cherry-Almond Upside-Down Cake
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    Cherry-Almond Upside-Down Cake

    Layer upon layer of bold ingredients, including lemon juice, red wine, blanched almonds, and dark sweet cherries culminate in a light and fluffy dessert topped with a rich cherry topping. Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe: Cherry-Almond Upside-Down Cake

  • Double-Cherry Pies
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    Double-Cherry Pies

    Spoon homemade filling into store-bought dough rounds for a single-serving treat that preps easily and come out of the oven with gourmet appeal. The recipe calls for dried sweet cherries and frozen sour cherries, bringing a broad range of the fruit's flavor to the pies. Top with a white chocolate drizzle.

    Recipe: Double-Cherry Pies

  • Chocolate-Cherry Chunk Meringues
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    Chocolate-Cherry Chunk Meringues

    Serve a dessert that's crisp on the outside but gooey on the inside. This simple recipe calls for only seven ingredients. Bake the meringues for two hours, then turn the oven off and let them rest until completely dry, about an hour and a half more.

    Recipe: Chocolate-Cherry Chunk Meringues

  • Tart Cherry-and-Vanilla Scones
    Ashley Johnson, MyRecipes.com

    Tart Cherry-and-Vanilla Scones

    Make a crunchy, yet soft tea-time treat that works equally well as a breakfast or mid-morning snack. Tart cherries provide a punch of bright flavor. Serve alone or with a favorite fruit spread.

    Recipe: Tart Cherry-and-Vanilla Scones

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